I was determined to find a doctor who could help me return to my active lifestyle

Last year, when I found out I needed knee surgery, I was determined to find a doctor who could help me return to my active lifestyle.  As a runner and an aerobic instructor, physical fitness is an extremely important part of my life.

I made appointments with top orthopedic surgeons in Houston and Chicago.  They were both surgeons for major sports teams in their respective cities but neither gave me much hope for the damaged cartilage in my knee.  I was told that joint damage in people my age (46) was common and that I should live with my new limitations.  I was told that insurance would not pay for an ACI procedure.

I knew I found my doctor when I met Dr. Berman.  He is a doctor who cares for each patient on an individual basis with the utmost care, concern and respect.  During our consultation, he thoroughly discussed my options and it became clear that I did not have to live with the limitations caused by my newly diagnosed cartilage damage.  ACI was the best option for me.  He was able to deal with my insurance, who agreed to pay for the ACI procedure.

At each consultation, Dr. Berman is thorough, kind and professional.  His nurse, Andrea, knows his every move and works as a partner by his side.  During my follow up, Dr. Berman has been attentive to every detail.  He patiently answered my list of 25 questions at my last visit.  I am still waiting for my new cartilage to mature, but Dr. Berman and I feel the surgery was a huge success.  I am halfway through the rehab process and am already better off than I was before surgery.  I feel my successful outcome is as important to Dr. Berman as it is to me.  This is my first exposure to the world of surgery and patient care, but I am confident that I have received the very best medical care available and I am beyond grateful for Dr. Berman and his staff.

Dee K.

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