The Joint Preservation Center is one of only a handful of designated cartilage restoration centers in the United States. The goal of The Joint Preservation Center is to elevate your lifestyle by restoring your knee to its best function.

The Joint Preservation Center offers a full range of contemporary treatment options for knee pain, including the latest, minimally invasive procedures now available locally.

The Joint Preservation Center serves the five state referral area including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas.

Meet the Staff

  • Amanda Rodriquez – MA

    Our newest member of the team is young professional transplanted from New Jersey. She and her fiancé are new to Texas and we are glad to have her on board. Amanda Rodriguez is a Medical Assistant with a thick background in Orthopedics. She has experience in both clinical and clerical parts of Orthopedics. She also has a working knowledge of joint restoration. Working with Dr. Berman and Christy, Amanda is an important part of the continuum of patient services. HelpingRead more
  • Tom Ragan – LPT

    Tom has worked with Dr. Berman for over 20 years. His expertise in multiple forms of rehabilitation has been a unique addition to Dr. Berman’s practice and specifically the Joint Preservation Center. He has done extensive training in joint restoration and has taken special course work in Zurich, Switzerland. Tom has rehabilitated more joint restoration patients than anyone in the South West United States. Educated at University Texas at Arlington and completing his Physical Therapy training at University of TexasRead more
  • Joseph Berman – MD

    Dr. Berman is a world re-known orthopedic surgeon. His work in cartilage restoration has gained a multi-state referral base and has allowed him to work with surgeons from around the world. As a fellow in the ICRS, International Cartilage Repair Society, Dr. Berman has been invited to operate in Italy, Israel and Sweden. He has also worked with surgeons in Australia and Mexico. He is the Medical Director and founder of the Joint Preservation Center (JPC). The JPC is instrumentalRead more
  • Christy Walters, RN, RNFA

    Christy Walters, RN, RNFA has now joined Dr. Berman as his new nurse. She comes with 20 years of experience in Orthopedic Surgery, General surgery, and Open Cardiac Surgery. She has experience as a clinical nurse, a private surgical assistant, a nurse circulator, and a surgical charge nurse. She is a member of the International Cartilage Restoration Society and with her knowledge will be a great addition.