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DeNovo NT natural tissue graft is human tissue (an Allograft) consisting of viable, juvenile hyaline cartilage 1 mm cubes and is implanted into joint defects to repair the articular cartilage as a single stage procedure. The technique of implant avoids the need to harvest articular cartilage for cell growth and does not require a biologic flap to cover the cells in most cases. This is a major difference between DeNovo and the ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation) procedure. Fibrin glue is used to create a patch of cells which are laid into the defect and then sealed into the defect with further glue. DeNovo is used for small to moderate sized lesions. Even though it is from a donor, it is considered inert and has no rejection response. DeNovo is a newer procedure than ACI and does not yet have the large studies, but it has been used extensively and shows great promise when indicated.