Lecture at Baylor Orthopedic

Dr. Berman recently had the opportunity to give a lecture to the general public at the Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital of Arlington (BOSHA). He talked about all the options available to younger active patients who happen to have injuries to their knee joints. Joint surface damage can advance to early arthritis. But, with proper treatment many of these lesions can be stabilized and treated. Various treatments were discussed including simple chondroplasty, microfracture, ACI, DeNovo, and osteochondral allografts. However, in severe cases of early arthritis, there still are options. Discussions of uni-compartmental joint placement were opened. This included Patella-Femoral Replacement, Medial or Lateral Compartment Replacement or a combination of these. These operations are done in lieu in Total Knee Replacement when indicated. They have great mobility and function with shorter rehabilitation. Review these various techniques and their further descriptions in this web site.

Dr. Berman had a great crowd with a lot of questions and response from the audience. This outreach opportunity is another way to explain joint preservation to the community.

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