how do you get synvisc-one?

Synvisc-One is provided by a doctor, usually an Orthopedic Surgeon or a Rheumatologist. But, Primary Care Physicians are becoming more knowledgeable in the indications and use of viscosupplementation therapy and are now commonly using these treatments.

how is synvisc-one given?

Synvisc-One, unlike many of the other preparations on the market requires only one injection. It is given directly into the knee joint and typically does not interfere with other medications or medical conditions.

is it covered by insurance?

Synvisc-One is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Prior to the injection, our office will check on your coverage and pre-certify its use.

what is the procedure like? will it hurt?

Each injection takes just a few minutes and is done in the office. Local numbing medicine is applied and the skin is prepared and cooled, all decreasing if not eliminating the mild discomfort of the injection. You may feel some pressure but rarely is it painful. In some cases the Synvisc-One is accompanied by a cortisone injection without having to make a separate injection.

what happens after the injection?

Following the injection, you can resume normal daily activity. You do not require crutches or cane and will be able to drive home. After 24 hours, you can resume all activity including exercise.