nursing tips: scheduling

  1. Call USB and make sure the lab is OK with the date before committing to the patient or hospital. The laboratory can only grow a limited number of cells at a time.
  2. Take into consideration cell growth time. Some patients take 2 weeks, some take 4 weeks. You may need to check with USB.
  3. Make sure USB faxes you an order sheet to start cell growth, and make sure you fax it back. Otherwise, cell growth will not start.
  4. Keep an updated list of supplies on your computer and send to hospital with scheduling sheet. Include reps names and contact numbers.
  5. Call reps when you schedule the surgery, and ask that they be present for the first few cases you do. Call them again 2-3 days before procedure to confirm.
  6. Consider doing an in-service for the staff when scheduling your first case at a new facility. See if your Genzyme rep has a video they can watch.
  7. Arrive early on surgery day to help set up.

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