Torn Medial Collateral Ligament – (MCL)

This is a common injury to the knee and occurs when your knee is struck from the outside. This can occur as an isolated injury or in conjunction with a torn ACL. It may also be part of a “triad” injury which is a torn MCL, torn ACL and a torn Medial Meniscus; a very severe injury. Your diagnosis is anticipated by the history and physical exam. You may show instability when your knee is bent sides towards the inside. MCL injuries often require an MRI to evaluate their severity.

Options following a torn MCL are usually based on the concomitant injuries. An isolated MCL is often treated conservatively with rehabilitation and bracing. But an MCL with an ACL and meniscus injury often requires an operative procedure. Sometimes the MCL is allowed to heal with bracing converting the injury from a two ligament problem to a one ligament problem and then, through surgery, the ACL and meniscus are addressed.

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